Nate Henry

My goal and passion is to help other people reach their true potential in sport and in life. My philosophy is simple; take a science based approach to develop an efficient and effective strategy designed to achieve the goal(s), consistently put in the work until the goal is reached. The key piece is that we take ownership and continue to push towards our goals regardless of the obstacles.

I have trained hundreds of people ranging from high school student athletes, corporate executives, business owners, single moms, to professional and Olympic athletes. I have a wide range of documented success achieving sports performance, weight loss, general fitness and health related goals. I am honored to join the Mind Gym Team and look forward to helping you achieve success.

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I have had the privilege of being taught and mentored by some world known authors however LeRoy's insight and motivational talks have been life giving during a dry time of my life. He speaks from personal experience and both challenges and encourages to be the best.

Denver, CO

Nate Henry is a leadership consultant, performance and spiritual coach. His compassion and "in the moment" direct manner make his approach to achieving success and realizing your dreams truly successful. His coaching style is to simplify the issues at hand and give practical advice that is easy to understand and follow. He is always thinking up new ways to push himself and encourage his clients. His motto is, "be comfortable being uncomfortable." He believes everyone has greatness inside of them waiting to come out. He will help you find your unique greatness, then help you realize it.

Denver, Co

I have known LeRoy for over ten years in a number of capacities: coach, counselor and friend. Together, we coached youth basketball and flag football. It was never about winning, but teaching and being the best one could be. On a personal level, LeRoy has always been there for me with counsel driven by wisdom. Finally, I had the opportunity to spend many hour and miles on the road with LeRoy while cycling. Three words I would use to describe LeRoy: passion, discipline and hard work!

Jim E
San Mateo, CA

LeRoy has been my coach and friend for over 12 years. His passion for helping people be their best is abundant. He is accountable and honest and expects the same from his clients. His positive attitude and ability to see things from a different prospective has helped me grow spiritually, professionally and as a dad and husband.

Shaun B
Denver, Co

Sports Performance Coaching

Sports Performance Coaching is all about unlocking future potential performance.  It helps unlock potential performance by creating the necessary commitment within each individual to move these thoughts and actions forward.  In other words, performance coaching creates engagement to get things done.  It is different from counseling or mentoring in that:

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.  It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them”. Timothy Gallwey

In fact, high-performance coaching is helping each committed individual reach his/her full potential, in any/all areas of their lives.  For an employment manager (as coach), this means inspiring individuals to improve work performance.  Having a results-focused coach means being able to quickly turn life’s challenges and obstacles into opportunities and rewards.  Whether in business or in life, a coach helps minimize frustration and confusion by helping to develop a crystal clear vision of life and master time management, and by providing powerful strategies and tools to realize maximize freedom and fulfillment in life.